Frank Behrens

“The way we look at life, that’s how life looks back on us”


Mediation offers a possibility to give new flexibility to a situation that seems stuck. It requires that both partners are willing to do so, and that in itself is a remarkable step.

I offer a meta-perspective. My neutrality is a prerequisite. 

The questions

  • how do I see myself, how do I see my counterpart?
  • how do I perceive the situation?
  • how does my counterpart perceive him/herself, me and the situation?
  • is this really the case, is this true?
  • what changes when I say or hear and feel this?

accompany the encounters. These take place with the greatest possible respect and openness.

An exciting process of discovery and liberation unfolds to the extent that the partners are willing to get involved and they are really interested in a change. This is about exploring and expanding what is possible. When the other person comes more to me and I feel more heard, these are steps towards each other. 

Do you find yourself herein, are you in a place of a situation like described? Let’s have a conversation about it and find out if and how mediation can contribute to a change. I look forward to a non-binding inquiry.


Coaching is an interactive and person-centered support process, which can include professional and private contents. The focus is on being human, the professional, private or social contexts and the role therein is brought in relation to the current concern.

If you are ready for change, if your life already wants to change and pressure, confusion and the many questions accompany your day, then you are ready to get to know yourself anew and to reinvent the way you engage in life.

This is a process that we both engage in. We start where we are. We open ourselves to new possibilities beyond what we already know. With what then appears, a next viable step is found. 

Does my offer appeal to you? I look forward to the encounter in life with you, with you. The request is non-binding.

About me

I offer a change of view.

I became a trained process engineering. I was magically attracted by the process-like in transformation processes, deeply inspired and often excited about the way technical processes can be designed. 

Most recently as a freelance sales engineer in international sales, I have been experiencing the call to change direction for more than 10 years.  Rich in insights into the structures of society, industries and cultures, this time has been invaluable to me to this day. Now this change of direction has been accomplished to the point that I am sharing, communicating, and evolving in the process. This is always now a new step with amazement, wonderment and it can be unknown to me where I will put my foot next. The processual is even more visible in it than it was to me in the technical application. I seem to be process, always in becoming, pushing boundaries and together with everything that surrounds me in exchange. We seem to become together, every moment.

I am interested in being the expression of this process in the best way available to me every new day.

Limitations irritate me until I can recognize them and free myself from them. I have learned to look much closer, to listen far deeper, to listen to me, to you, to us, to life and to the unknown.

With that I am there, in that we meet.

Some projects in which I am involved and/or (co)-initiator could also be of interest for you.

Über mich

Well worth reading

Inspiration and insight also come to me through books, here are some of my favorite and most recent: